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Welcome to Promolx.com where we live, eat and breathe helping our clients land their dream jobs through our unique service offerings which include CV distribution. (CV Distribution in UAE, GCC & Germany)

If you live within UAE and its environs, or any part of the world and you are looking for employment or you are looking to change your job or careers or you have been sending your CV to employers without success, we offer a service that will help you land your dream job while minimizing your stress.

Now, you too can distribute your CV to more than 20,000 Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK, Riyadh, Muscat and other GCC based recruiters.

Promolx CV distribution is a top leader in professional, targeted Resume distribution and CV Blast. What you need to do is simply email us your CV on info@promolx.com and wait for the recruiters and agencies to contact you directly for Interview, you will also receive small part of emails as your job application submission, directly in your inbox.

If you have not considered CV distribution or Resume Blast in the past as a means of securing your dream job, here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider it:

It saves you time: Now, your CV will go where it is needed, and you need not waste time scattering your CV in the hopes that it will somehow hit a target. If you are on visit visa or too busy in current work that you don’t have time to apply for jobs or if you don’t have result even after applying jobs. When you

use Promolx CV distribution services, your CV goes directly into the inbox of pre-screened and pre-approved recruiters who are actually looking to employ.

Gets you to the top of the list: Rather than your CV getting lost in a database of 100,000+, it can now go right to the top of the list of recruiters, giving you a leg up over other applicants.

A better fighting chance: Did you know that 70% of jobs are never publicly advertised, and this is why it somehow seems an uphill task getting employment since almost everyone looking for a job is competing for the mere 30% of jobs that are advertised. Using Resume distribution services means that you can now also compete for those jobs that never get advertised.

It is very easy to use our CV distribution services. The process is broken down into four easy steps:
First, select any of our CV distribution packages that best suits your needs. (You need to send email to us and we will reply what to do next)
Make the payment for the package you’ve selected
Email your Resume / CV and the payment receipt
Sit back and relax (within 2 to 6 days you will start getting calls)

CV Distribution by Promolx.com will do the hard work and the heavy lifting. We have developed a system as well as working relationships that allow us to promote, market, circulate and blast your Resume / CV to as many as 200,000 HR professionals, recruiters, companies and other top executives and employees in and around UAE, KSA, Oman, Qatar. (Or any European country as per your demand).



We want to assure you that we are the best people for the job of distributing your resume.

First, we’ve been in this business for 10+ years and have thousands of happy and satisfied clients to testify to this.

Secondly, we have built relationships over the years with thousands of recruiters and agencies in UAE GCC and Europe such that we are privy to almost all recent vacancies, whether these vacancies are publicly advertised or not.

Thirdly, we distribute and blast your CV using an advanced marketing to employers in your chosen domain in general. By so doing, we not only decrease the time you spend filling a huge number of job forms, but also ensure that your CV remains in the database of the companies that we send them to, so that they can still consider you for future employment even if you don’t fit the current job specification.

Just email us: info@promolx.com

While it is not a guarantee or a promise of a job, we can from experience assure you that a CV distribution service does yield positive results, and gets you one step closer to getting called for interviews and job you want.

We love what we do, and we find it a great privilege to be able to match thousands of job seekers to their dream employment. We would love to do the same for you.

Why don’t you take the first step today by selecting which package is best for you and let’s get started finding you that great job.




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